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6 Things You Will Like About Vinyl Labels

Vinyl Labels and DecalsIf you are not a fan of vinyl labels, after you read this blog post, you would probably be wondering why you never considered using vinyl tags in the first place. Let us start with defining what a vinyl label is. It is a tag that is made out of a material that when peeled off from its backing material, adheres to the surface it is applied to without any background other than the surface it is sticking to. This is also called a decal.

Why are vinyl labels popular with so many individuals and companies? Here are six reasons why:

  • It is durable – vinyl is as thin as paper, yet is as strong as plastic. This durability makes it ideal for use in environments where paper stickers won’t last long.
  • It is moisture and humidity resistant – vinyl is also capable of staying onto any surface it is sticking to even when it is exposed to humidity or moisture after it has been attached.
  • It can be used anywhere – well, as long as the surface is dry and smooth on application, your vinyl label will stick to that particular surface for as long as you want it to stay there.
  • It comes in many colors – it can even be made in a rainbow of colors, if that is what you want. Vinyl labels can be made to carry multiple colors and can be made to copy logos, brands, company names, and even image designs accurately and in full color.
  • It can be used for almost anything – as long as the surface it is to adhere to is not to be exposed to extreme heat, vinyl stickers can be used for anything. From warning signs to branding tags to decorative decals, these labels are versatile enough to be used for a whole lot of things.
  • It is cost effective – it is not expensive, although it is not that cheap either. It is, however, cost effective. This means that you get a great product for a great price, and you won’t need to replace your labels or tags anytime soon due to the abovementioned qualities that these decals have.

Oh, and these labels can be made in almost any size you want them to be in. If you need to have vinyl decals made for your window ads, or for decorating a car with, or personalizing products with, you can have these made as big or as small as you want. For really big decals, these can be made in different parts that when put together will come together seamlessly and will look like one cohesive piece.

To find out more about vinyl labels and whether these are ideal for your labeling, stickering, decorating, branding or whatever needs you have, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will gladly help you find the right label for your requirements, be it vinyl or otherwise.