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Custom Tags and Your Business: Answering Your Many Needs

When people talk about what tags their business needs, the most common idea is that custom tags are used for branding purposes only. What is not commonly known is that customized tags can actually be used for more than just putting your company’s brand on an item. Tags, metal nameplates, and labels can be advantageous to your business in a number of ways, and that is dependent on the kind of tag that you have customized.

For starters, there are tags that do not even carry the company’s name on it, but rather has a barcode and numbering underneath it. This particular custom tag is used for asset tracking and for inventory purposes, and these are called inventory and asset tags. While you can have your company name added to such a tag, some businesses opt for the simple number and barcode features on these.

Another tag that carries the same barcode and numbering feature is the barcode and UID plate. These can be used as asset and inventory tags, but is not limited to such a use. These tags can also be used for POS purposes, and for database needs. These tags can be made using a variety of materials, depending on what a client requires, however the more popular choices include aluminum foil, anodized aluminum, and a number of label-type materials.

One such label-type material that people sometimes use with their barcoded tags is destructible vinyl. As the name implies, tags made using this material fall apart and this happens when someone attempts to remove such a tag from an item. This feature makes the item somewhat theft-proof since the tag will be difficult to remove in one clean movement. This particular custom tag is great for when you want to keep items safe from being pilfered in your place of business.

Also part of the list of tags that you can customize for your business is the warning and instructional tags that help keep people safe from harm. These metal nameplates are often attached to machinery and equipment that pose a specific threat to a person’s health or wellbeing. The purpose of such tags is to warn people, as the name says, of any danger present with the equipment they are about to use, and to instruct them on how to properly use these safely.

Model and serial number tags are also included in the many choices you have when you looking to have customized nameplates made for your company. These are used on items as identifiers for both the company and the customer. These tags are important when warranty issues pop up and when repair as well as troubleshooting requirements emerge.