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Decorative Ideas for Embossed Metal Plates

You may have seen embossed metal plates used for branding purposes, and may have even seen these used as model and serial plates. These are rather common uses for these plates and are often chosen by companies for such purposes because of the fact that embossing gives them plates that are durable and eye-catching. While these are the general uses of these metal nameplates, this does not mean that these are the only areas where these can be utilized.

There are many different ways that embossed plates can be used, and these can be decorative and fancy, depending on your imagination. To help you see just how versatile these plates are, here are some examples of decorative and alternative uses for these metal plates:

Decorative stamping plates – did you know that you can actually emboss paper and cardboard with metal stamps? You can have decorative plates made for this, and these can have patterns that would look good on paper or cardboard. You can even create items using these embossed materials such as paper boxes, envelopes and even book markers after you use your embossed metal plates to stamp them with.

What you will need is two plates with the same design to help give the paper or cardboard the embossed design that is on these metal plates. Put the material between these two plates and place a weight on top of this “sandwich”, leaving the material between the plates for at least an hour to make the impression really stick. You can also use this to create personalized stationery, or embossed gift wrapping paper that is one-of-a-kind.

Personalized name tags – you can have names embossed on metal plates to be attached to items that you or your child owns to personalize these. You can attach these name tags to bags, lunch boxes, toy boxes and even their bedroom door. These can also be colored over to give these a more decorative and fancy look, and can be made to carry other design elements on them, like borders that are decorative or even scrollwork and embossed cartoon characters.

Artwork – yes you can use embossed metal as artwork. How? You can have a number of same sized plates embossed with different patterns or even different images and then color each plate with a different shade. Place each piece beside each other on a picture frame (you can have 6 or 12 square plates, 4 rectangular plates, or even 2 large rectangular ones for this idea) and voila, you have a unique art piece that you can hang anywhere in your home or in your office.

The patterns you can choose for this idea include faces, facial features, swirls and patterns, and even different floral shapes. If you want, you can create the same thing for a child’s room and have each square carry a number or a letter. You can also choose to have cartoon characters embossed on these plates and framed the same way as the others and you can also use this to decorate a child’s room with or you can give this away as a present.