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Embossed Nameplates and Your Marketing Plans

Embossed NameplatesWhen you are thinking of your marketing campaign, you will need to consider more than just the usual advertising and promotional tools and methods if you want your products to really make an impression. One of the things you can use to help make your items more memorable and to make people want to buy more from you is an embossed nameplate. These nameplates can be used for more than just branding, and can be crafted in such a way that makes these useful in other ways.

Having metal nameplates made for marketing can go a long way in promoting your brand. If you choose to use embossed nameplates for your products, these can be made into something that can be used apart from your product, which is great for advertising and brand familiarity purposes. The use of embossing as a marking medium is also a great idea since these can produce very decorative and eye-catching nameplates due to the raised parts of the plate.

Here are some ideas worth considering when you are thinking of creating metal brand tags that have a dual purpose:

Refrigerator Magnets – have you ever considered creating a metal tag that can be used as a refrigerator magnet, apart from it being a tag that carries your company’s brand name on an item? You can actually have two tags made for one product, one that sticks to the item and another that can be used on a refrigerator as a magnet. These tags can help increase brand familiarity as well as become a useful item for a home, and all you need is a duplicate embossed metal tag that has a magnet in the back of it.

Keychains – these metal nameplates can also be crafted in such a way that a chain can be inserted into a hole in the plate and the plate can become a tag for a keychain. You can go one further and use these tags to mark your products with by using a chain that hangs from the product, and once removed, can be utilized as a keychain. Simply use a ball chain on these tags to attach to your product and have a key ring on the other end so that people can see that these are actually more than just a branding or labeling plate.

Decorative tags – much like the keychain idea, these tags can be made in such a way that you can use these to decorate backpacks, sling bags, and the like. Create these tags in a size that is not too big, but not too small either, and have a detachable ball chain attached to it for this particular purpose. With the embossed characters on the plate, plus a few decorative elements, these embossed nameplates can do a lot of good for your company in terms of exposure to others who see these hanging from bags and other similar items.