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How Decorative Trim Plates Can Improve an Otherwise Ordinary Looking Item

Decorative Trim PlatesEver see how a person changes from looking far from spectacular to being amazingly bedazzling with the help of a little make-up, a change in outfit, and with the addition of great accessories? Well, this very same thing can be said of items that are supposedly boring looking that change in appearance and appeal with the help of some decorative elements. The decorative element we are talking about here is a decorative trim plate.

How can these metal plates add that extra oomph to a product or item? Well, think of it in terms of finding the right accessory to make a gown pop, or finding the right shoes to make your outfit look superb. You need to add a little something to make what seems ordinary look spectacular and special. Here are some ideas that show this particular logic:

  • Wooden jewelry box – if you use a cigarette box, or any wooden box for that matter, to put your jewelry in, you would take care to line the insides with velvet or felt lining. Would you then leave the outside dull and plain? With the use of a trim plate that has intricate, feminine designs, unique graphic lines, or whatever design you feel will look good, you can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. You can choose to have corner plates made to attach to this wooden box, or you can have a central piece created for this. You can also opt to have both for such an item. You can even create unique looking boxes for gift-giving purposes this way, or you can sell these as unique boxes for multi-purpose uses.
  • Ordinary plastic phone case – everybody has the same one, which can make you feel ordinary. You can amp up your own mobile phone case with the help of a decorative metal plate that either carries your name, a graphic design, or intricate patterns. You can even sell these to those who want to add that same extra special look to their phone cases, and attach these to their cases with the use of a heavy duty adhesive that can also come with the plates that you order from a manufacturer.
  • Create decorative brand tags for generic, plain items – you can actually have items made without labels on them, and you can use these tags to not only add a decorative flair to such items, but to also brand these. You can make your own brand and put these on items that you order specially made for a business venture you might want to start, and these tags can be easily customized to carry your brand, as well as any other decorative elements you might want.