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How Different Are Embossed Metal Plates from Stamped Ones?

Stamping EquipmentWhen you see these two together side by side, it is indeed somewhat easy to mistake one for the other. This is because of the fact that both have rather similar features. Both have raised characters on metal plates, and these give these plates a 3-dimensional appeal. These similarities will make you wonder whether or not these two are different at all.

The truth is, they are kind-of the same in many aspects. This is because they both use the same marking method for their creation. In fact, embossed metal plates are actually made using male and female dies that stamp the design into these metal nameplates. This basically means that embossing is also stamping.

The difference between standard stamped metal plates and embossed ones is that embossed plates are usually hot stamped ones. This means that the plates were stamped with the use of the male and female stamps while the metal was hot. Stamped metal, on the other hand, can be made either hot or cold.

Embossing is a great marking method when you are looking to make 3D type tags that have raised characters that make it more eye-catching. If you are not having numerous tags made, you might simply want to stamp your metal plates with the use of a custom made die that can be used with hand-held stamping equipment. This will help you make only a few tags at a time, depending on when you need to have these.

Most embossed metal nameplates are made using machineries that have numerous die-pairs doing their work on large sheets of metal. This is ideal for businesses that need to have embossed brand tags made for all of their products. This is because such a manufacturing method can produce hundreds of tags in a single day.

Stamping and embossing can be used not only on metals, but on other things. If you search the internet, you will find that both of these terms often go with one another, and can be used for arts and craft, as well as scrapbooking needs. These can be used to create raised and detailed designs on leather, cardboard, thick paper, and other similar materials that can easily hold stamped impressions on them.

So, next time, when you find yourself wondering whether or not stamping is the best marking method for your tags, or if embossing is your best choice, do not fret so much about it. These two are, after all, rather similar in more ways than one. If you need professional advice regarding these two marking mediums, contact us and we will help you choose the best raised marking method for your particular needs.