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How Holograms are Inserted Into Aluminum Foil Labels

Aluminum Foil LabelsOne of the safety measures some companies employ when it comes to assuring the public of genuine and original products is with the use of an aluminum foil label that has a hologram on it. These holograms often carry either a seal of guarantee or the company’s logo to help people easily tell whether what they are buying is an authentic product or a fake. This is often used on items that are rather easy to copy or those that may cause harm if fakes are created.

While this is a rare occurrence in the US, it is still a good idea to safeguard your company’s name and product integrity with the use of aluminum foil labels that carry holographic markers on them. These project a rainbow-like symbol or image when moved, which makes it rather difficult to copy without the right technology. How are such holographic images inserted into otherwise plain aluminum foil labels?

The rainbow-like images that you see shining on these foil labels are often made as a security feature, and as such, are difficult to copy, with the companies using these releasing images that you can compare with the ones that may get on these tags after purchasing such items. These are hard to copy because the creation of such holograms on these labels involves a rather complex and precise procedure. These cannot be duplicated because the images used in these are also created in such a way that these are difficult to copy.

These holographic labels are made with the use of a laser printing method that allows the manufacturer to insert an image into the label before any protective top coating is added. Sometimes, the image is made in a 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional manner to make it even more difficult to copy. This makes the proliferation of fake items or tampered ones for that matter, to circulate and be sold to unwitting buyers who pay good money for their quality products.