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How to Effectively Attach Your Vinyl Labels and Decals

Vinyl Labels and DecalsAttaching vinyl labels and decals to any surface requires a bit of care and some prep work. This is because of the fact that these will only adhere to clean, flat surfaces that are devoid of any grease or dirt. These surfaces should also be clear of any bumps or deformities. However, if the surface you are attaching these decals to is smooth but curved, you can still successfully stick these on such surfaces.

  • Clean – To start, you must first clean the surface properly. The same actually goes for any label or sticker that you attach to any surface. Cleaning the area will allow for the decal or label to stick to it properly and not peel off due to the lack of stickiness brought about by the dirt on the surface. To clean the surface, you can use plain soap and water, or alcohol and a clean rag. Make sure that the surface is thoroughly clean and does not have any greasy or grimy residue on any spot.
  • Dry – Next is to properly dry the area where the decal is to go. Before your vinyl labels and decals can be properly set, make sure that the surface it is to go on is really dry and devoid of any grease or wet spots. Use a clean piece of cloth, preferably one that is very absorbent, and wipe the surface properly to dry it out.
  • Choose – As soon as the entire surface is prepped, you will then need to choose exactly where your decal should go. Choose the area properly, and measure if you must to find the center of the surface you are sticking the decal on. If you want to be as accurate as possible, measure the size of your decal, then look for the middle part of your surface and box this out with the use of tape. This will “force” you to center your vinyl label accurately and into the center of such a square, giving you a perfectly placed decal.
  • Peel and Apply – This is one step that you need to be careful with since this will mean that when you stick your decal to the surface, it is there for good. If you do not like the result, you can remove the decal but you cannot reuse it. You will need another one, and if you do not have any to spare, it would be a good idea to take some extra care when you peel and apply your vinyl decal to your chosen surface.
  • Smooth – Remove any accidental air bubbles, if there are any, by using a credit card or ATM card, and slowly push the bubble to the side of the decal until it is gone. For bigger decals, to prevent such a thing from happening, do not remove the entire backing paper from the label when you apply this. Instead, remove only a third of this backing paper, apply the exposed part of the decal to the surface, and slowly attach the rest of your label to the surface by carefully peeling and sticking as you go.