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Lexan is Not Just for Lexan Labels

You may have already heard that Lexan labels are some of the toughest labels around, and this is due to the composition of the material used for these. Lexan is actually a trademarked name for a polycarbonate material that is rather durable and versatile. This particular item is an amorphous thermoplastic that can be used to create labels that are highly durable, and can withstand a number of harsh conditions and chemicals.

The labels produced using this particular material are also considered scratch resistant, heat resistant, and weather proof. The durability of such a material is not for the use of labels alone. This particular material, while indeed a great choice for the creation of your custom labels for whatever your needs may be, is actually used for so much more.

Before we start with the other uses however, let us first peruse what kinds of labels you can produce with this material. Since these are very flexible and rather easy to cut and shape, you can use Lexan to create labels in any shape and size. These can also be used to create labels that are to be attached to curved, bent, or oddly shaped items.

Aside from Lexan Labels, you will find this particular thermoplastic used for hardier and tougher purposes. Some of these uses include race car windows, visors for sports helmets, and protective goggles for various industries. This particular use shows that this polycarbonate material can be made really clear in order to be used for such things. The reason why this material is used for protective goggles, clear protective visors on sports helmets, and even as a windshield for racing vehicles, is due to its hardiness and its ability to protect the wearer or user from the dangers on the other side of the plastic sheet.

Aside from this, you will also find Lexan being used for computer screens, drinking bottles, helmets, and even kayaks. It is even used in the creation of DVDs and layered versions of this can be used as bullet proof glass. The wide variety of products that can be made using this material shows that it is indeed very versatile, and has an inherent durability that can withstand so many things.

One of the features that such a material presents, which is what most manufacturers find very appealing about it, is its “unbreakable” feature. This material is shatterproof, hence the use as windshields, helmet visors, and helmets. If you see a water jug or bottle that says it is “unbreakable” or “won’t shatter”, chances are, this is made with Lexan.