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Metal Dog Tags: Ideas Worth Considering

Metal Dog TagsMetal dog tags have been around for quite a while, and have been used mostly by military personnel for identification purposes. Did you know that even though these tags are commonly seen around the necks of those in the service, that you can actually have your own tags customized for your own purposes? Dog tags can actually be tweaked in order to fit whatever need you may have for these are not exclusively for the use of those in the military.

You should know that your customized tags can be made using a wide variety of materials that include stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. These can also be made in any size you want, however if you want your tags to be the same size as those worn by the military, you should specify this when you order your tags. These tags will then be made in the dimensions used for creating military dog tags, and that is 1.125 inches by 2 inches. These tags can have rolled edges, like those used by people in the service, and a .125 inch hole on one end for the chain.

If you want to veer away from the usual size and shape of these tags, you can do so when you customize them since you have control over how your tags look with customization. You can choose to have these look more rectangular than oval, as opposed to what military style dog tags look like. You can also choose to use other metals for these other than stainless steel or aluminum, which is also what most military issued dog tags are made of.

Some of the alternatives you can choose to use for your dog tag materials include the more golden colored metals that are equally as malleable and customizable as their silvery counterparts. Bronze, brass, and even copper can be used for these custom tags. If you are thinking more in line of creating a jewelry-type dog tag, then you can consider using gold, platinum, sterling silver, and even white gold for such a purpose. You can even choose to have gems embedded into these tags if you want to.

As for the customization of what goes on these tags, your choice of marking medium also plays a big part in how your customized tags look. For instance, if you want an image to be placed on these tags, you can opt to use photosensitizing for your marking method. If you want very colorful printing to be used on your tags, you might do well to choose digital printing or stonewear process for this. For tags that have raised and recessed details on them, you can choose embossing or stamping.

There are many things you can do with these tags. For one, you can use these as tags for your bags. You can also customize these to be worn by your kids, or by the members of a club that you are heading. You can also hand these out as giveaways on a special event, with the date and name of the event printed onto these tags in order for people to remember where they got these tags. The possibilities are virtually endless and the only limit is your imagination and where you are thinking of using these metal dog tags.