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Popular Applications for Photosensitive Plates

Photosensitive PlatesPhotosensitive plates are used in many different applications – for industrial, commercial, and personal purposes. There are two main methods used in putting photos on these anodized plates. The first method uses a silver compound, which is pretty much similar to old black and white photography. The images are infused into the metal and then exposed to light. This process helps develop the pictures on these plates.

The second method makes use of what is called a photo resist. This is used for plates that need images to be developed in color. This method utilizes dyes as colors, and is not as durable as the former, which makes it not very well suited for outdoor purposes.

Both these methods are used in the creation of these metal nameplates, which are ideal for different purposes, depending on the application. Here are some of the common uses of photosensitive plates:

Barcode and UID tags

These tags have machine readable barcodes on them, which are used by companies mainly for tracking purposes and for POS needs. These tags often end up being made wih the use of this marking method, because this makes them more resistant to harsh conditions as compared to marking mediums. This is because the print is protected by an anodized layer, which protects the markings from fading and deterioration. These tags made using photosensitizing and aluminum, are attached to machinery, heavy equipment, and tools that need to have such barcoded tags for inventory and asset tracking purposes.


Different kinds of industrial nameplates are often made using these anodized aluminum plates because these are often exposed to harsh weather conditions. One such nameplate is the schematic. These are usually attached to equipment that are also exposed to harsh environs. These schematic plates are rather important because these are used for troubleshooting or for providing instructions for equipment operations. Photosensitive plates are ideal for this application because these can last for many years without fading.

Commemorative Plaques and Plates

Intricate images and other minute details can be added to anodized aluminum plates to create elaborate and detailed photosensitive plates. These are sometimes used to commemorate either a person, an event, a company, or a group.These are called commemorative plates. These plates are mounted on slabs made of marble or stone for everyone to see. These plates may also carry detailed information about the image on it, to inform people about the contribution of the person to the company, what happened in the place, and so on.