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Marking Methods for Decorative Trim Plates

When you need to create decorative trim plates, you can choose a number of rather decorative methods for marking these. What you decide on will have a great impact on how these plates turn out, and as such, will dictate whether these are ideal for where you are planning on using these. Since these plates are often used for decorative purposes, as the name implies, the choices for customization often involve the use of printing and marking methods that can produce the intricate designs people need these to have.

Decorative trim plates can be used in many different ways and for many different things. These can be used to decorate picture frames that you are thinking of selling, or as part of unique mobile phone cases. These can also be used for creating decorative pieces out of ordinary items, like wooden jewelry boxes, pencil cases, and the like.

In order to create fantastic looking decorative trim plates, and to be able to see your design ideas come into play, you should choose the right marking methods for these. Here are some options that you can opt for:

Photosensitizing – also called metalphoto by some people, this method allows you to print into the metal the design that you have. The term metalphoto is kind-of apt for this since you actually embed the design into the metal (usually aluminum) as you would a photograph onto photographic paper. You can choose to create images in black and white with this method (which produces more longer lasting results), however if colored designs are what you need, you can also opt for the colorized version of this marking method.

Etching – this is a method that uses acids that eat into the metal, creating rather old fashioned but nonetheless amazing and intricate designs. If you are thinking of creating metal plates that are classic looking and are difficult to deface, then etching is what you want. You can use the plates produced via this method to create old-fashioned looking items such as cigarette cases, pen and pencil holders, business card holders, and many more.

Embossing – this marking medium uses male and female stamps to create raised designs on the metal that you choose to use. This gives the metal plates that you create a cool, 3-dimensional look that catches the eye. You can choose to have these made without color, or you can have the raised and recessed parts of such a plate colored with ink or paint, depending on your preference and usage. This marking method is ideal for when you want to use these decorative plates for branding purposes.

Digital Printing – this is another marking medium that allows you to transfer your intricate and detailed designs to the metals you are thinking of using for this purpose. These can be in full color and is an ideal choice for when you need highly detailed and very colorful designs to go on your metal nameplates.