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What You Need to Know About Etched Nameplates

Etching is a marking method that is seen as ideal for many metal nameplates and for a good reason. One of the main reasons is its ability to follow intricate designs and being able to do so accurately. Another is due to its durability, which is because of the fact that the design is eaten into the metal with the use of acids or a mordant.

To find out more about etched nameplates, and to determine whether or not such a nameplate type is ideal for your specific needs, here are some links that you can follow and read.

Advantages of Using Etched Nameplates for Your Business – if you are still on the fence about whether or not this particular marking method is ideal for your business, here is a post that may shed some light on why these plates may be great for your business.

How are Etched Nameplates Made? – some people believe that etched metal plates are made only with the use of acid, and generally this is the main method being used and has been used for ages. There are, however, a lot of other ways that metal can be etched, and these have been developed recently to help reduce the dangerous fumes often associated with this marking method.

Why Etched Plaques Play a Huge Role in Employee Morale – ever wonder why companies hold periodic awards and recognition events, and why they hand out etched plaques to outstanding employees during these occurrences? Self-esteem has something to do with these awarding ceremonies. Here are some of the main reasons why employee morale is boosted by such plaques.

Etched Plaques and Signs: Can These Be ADA Compliant? – one of the marking methods used for creating ADA compliant signage is engraving, and since etching is somewhat similar to engraving in that each has raised and recessed parts, and each can result in very detailed and intricate characters on them. Find out whether or not etching can indeed be used in the creation of ADA signs or not.

Etched Signs or Engraved Signs: Which Should You Choose? – should you opt for engraving or etching when it comes to the creation of your metal nameplates and signs? While both do have similar results, these two still have distinct differences in what the end result is. Find out with the use of this blog post which of these two marking methods best suits your particular needs.