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The Versatility of Vinyl Labels

Vinyl LabelsDid you know that vinyl labels can actually be used for a whole lot of different things? While most people use these labels to mark products and items that their company produces, some people have actually found rather creative and new ways to use these stickers. To show you just how multi-purpose these labels are, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

To create personalized items for gift giving and corporate giveaways – this is something a lot of companies do, believe it or not, and it does save them a lot of money in the long run. What you do is you have vinyl decals made for your company, in different sizes and shapes, with some carrying only the company name and others only the logo, and so on. You then purchase unbranded or generic items, like blank or plain coffee mugs, leather binders, tumblers, lunchboxes, and so on. When you need giveaways or corporate gifts at the last minute and do not have any on stock, simply stick these vinyl labels on the unbranded items that you do have on stock, and voila! You now have promotional and corporate giveaways and gifts that you can hand out to anyone.

To use as car-windshield advertising mediums – remember when sticker drives were popular and companies gave out special items, discounts or what-not to vehicles that had their company stickers on their windshields? You can do the same thing these days, but with the use of more attractive looking vinyl decals. Tell people via social media, radio, newspapers or any other advertising medium that you will give out special prizes or discounts to people who buy your products on certain dates as long as they have your sticker or vinyl decal on their windshield. If your decals are tastefully made, people would love having these on their cars and would also look forward to any promos or gimmicks you may have associated with these stickers.

To decorate windows and mirrors – did you know that these decals can also be used in a decorative capacity, and not just for promotional purposes? You can actually order these stickers in various decorative designs and use these to decorate windows, mirrors, and other flat surfaces that you want these to adhere to. Just make sure that these surfaces are clean and smooth. These decals can carry designs associated with certain holidays and events, like Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, to name a few. These can also be simple scrollwork or other decorative designs that you can use to spruce up dull window panes and plain mirrors and walls.