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What Information Can You Put on Military Style Dog Tags?

Dog TagsWhen you have your dog tags customized, you can actually put any kind of information on these. As long as these are not regulation tags that are intended for use by those in the military, these tags can also be customized any which way you want. You can choose what color your tag can be, what metal should be used, and even what size and shape these should be made in.

The information that you put on your customized dog tags will also depend on what you are thinking of using these for. Some people tend to use these customized tags for something other than a pendant that is hung around the neck with a chain, with probably the most common being key chains and pet tags. To show you the different kinds of tags that people create with dog tags, and the information that they put on these, here is a small list:

Medical information – when a person has special medical needs, these tags become very useful when emergencies arise. Whoever is tasked to help the person can easily read what allergies they have, what medications they are taking or need, and other important information need in order to properly treat the person. These can be worn around the neck or around the wrist as a bracelet tag. This can also be attached to the person’s wallet or anything that they constantly carry around with them.

Pet information – this is probably one of the most common uses of dog tags, with pet owners putting their pet’s name on one side and their home address and other details on the other side. This is hung around the pet’s neck and attached to a collar. This is very useful when the pet gets lost, making whoever finds them able to return the pet to its owner with the help of the details on the tag.

Romantic information – now who says that dog tags cannot be used to show a person how much they care for someone else? These tags can be customized to carry the names of lovebirds, their anniversary date, and even their favorite love quote. They can then wear one each as sign of devotion to one another, or have their anniversary date etched on one side, and their names on the other. These can also be made using semi precious or precious metals so that these can qualify as jewelry, even if these are in the shape of military style dog tags.