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What Kinds of Identification Plates Do You Need?

When you talk about identification plates, one of the things that people will probably think about are the license plates on their vehicles. While these are still essentially identification plates, these are not the only items that can use this particular moniker to describe themselves. There are quite a number of metal nameplates that can be easily considered identification plates, and these are used almost everywhere.

If you were to go with the basic meaning of this term, you can easily deduce that these are plates that you use to identify things with, hence the phrase “identification plates”. This can mean just about any metal plate used to identify items with. Examples of such plates that can fit this particular description include the following:

Model and Serial Plates – these are plates that help you, as well as the companies who manufactured the items these plates are attached to, to identify the model and serial number of the item in question. There are many reasons why these plates are used by so many businesses for their products, and these reasons include the need to find out the item’s warranty expiration date, for troubleshooting purposes, and inventory tracking.

Warning and Instructional Plates – while you may think that these are not identification plates, they actually are, since these identify steps that need to be followed for safe operation of equipment or machinery, as well as identify hazards that come with these items. These plates often come with headers that indicate the level of danger that comes with the improper or unsafe usage of an item. These plates may also carry step by step instructions for proper use, or what should be avoided for safe usage.

Bar Code and UID Plates – these are plates that identify items with the use of barcodes and machine readable information. You usually find these tags ideal for use with items that are for sale (these are the codes that are scanned by a POS machine), however you can also find these tags on items that are being kept careful track of by the company that owns it. These tags can be used for inventory purposes, maintenance tracking, and even for finding out information about the item itself, like when it was purchased, who has used it, when it should be replaced, and other pertinent information.

Promotional Plates – these are often used for marketing and branding needs, and as such, are used by companies to help increase brand awareness and familiarity. These are considered identification plates since these plates tell people what brand a specific product is, or what company manufactured such an item. These plates can be found in many places, and these include products, booths, promotional items and giveaways, and even vehicles.

These are but a few of the identification plates that numerous entities find themselves using for many different reasons. Some companies even find themselves needing more than one of these numerous types, and having these customized to carry their company name, logo and contact information on all of them. How about you, what identification plates do you think your business needs?