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What Tags Can Be Used in the Creation of Domed Labels?

Domed LabelsIf you are not sure what domed labels are, these are those tags that come with a clear, rubber-like dome on top that gives the label a 3-dimensional look. The domed part is made out of urethane resin and is used for both its clear finish and durability. Aside from this, the material is said to have self-healing properties since any scratches on the dome tends to disappear over time, with the urethane going back in place to repair itself.

The top part is only the icing on the cake, so to speak. It helps protect the label or the tag underneath and it also gives it the raised look that people like about it. The domed part however is not the label but simply a protective coating that adds a little extra to the label itself. Before the urethane dome is added, the label underneath needs to be made first.

So, what types of labels can be used in the creation of domed tags? Since the urethane that goes on top of the label is hot when it is applied, this generally means that any material that cannot withstand the heat of this molten material cannot be used. So soft plastics, and other similar materials, cannot be used when you want to have domed labels made.

What can be used are those that do not change when this hot substance is applied to it. This can mean a variety of materials that include metals, thick cardboard, polyester and polycarbonate, to name a few. Tough plastics can also be used with the doming process, although you might want to ask your manufacturer for some advice regarding the plastic materials you are thinking of using.

The metals that you should use with this particular type of label should be rust and tarnish proof since only the top part of the tag will have the protective urethane coating. The underside and the sides will be exposed to the elements, so if you use other metals that are not tarnish and rust proof, chances are, you will find these tags deteriorating when exposed to moisture.

Aluminum foil is also one of the materials that is ideally used with this kind of a label. Since aluminum foil can withstand heat and is also rust and tarnish proof, these can be domed. These are also cheaper and thinner than its other metal counterparts, so if you need your domed label to be somewhat flexible, or can be used on a curved surface without prior bending or shaping needed, aluminum foil is your material of choice.