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What to Consider When Customizing Military Style Dog Tags

Customizing Military Style Dog TagsMilitary style dog tags are becoming a fast trend in the tagging industry, and for many good reasons. For one, these are rather easy to customize since these are often made in the same size as their original counterparts, which are pretty small. For another, these are also very handy and can be used in many different ways because of the same reason – they are small enough for many uses.

When you customize these dog tags for your various needs – be it for promotional needs, for giveaways, for souvenirs, etc. – you need to take into consideration a few things. Here are some of those considerations you need to make:

Budget – while these are indeed small, and are often kind to the pocket because of the small amount of material needed to make them, you will still need to consider the kind of metal to be used, the printing or marking medium you want to utilize, and other possible cost-increasing elements needed for customization. In order to narrow down your choices, you need to determine your budget firsthand then make your selections based on how much you can spend.

Printing method – these tags can be customized a few different ways, with the design on these being added using a number of options you can choose from. There is digital printing, silk-screening, embossing, stamping, engraving, and photosensitizing. You will need to choose the marking method according to the design of your tags, and some methods are better for specific designs than others. Choose the right marking method to give you the best kind of tags you need.

Design – remember that these tags are pretty small, so large designs should be rethought when it comes to dog tags. You should also take into consideration the material that is being used and whether or not your design will work well with the material that you selected. You will also need to make sure that what you put on these tags do not look crowded or too busy.

Usage – you will also need to determine what these tags are for before you have these made. Are these to be used as decorative pieces to be worn around the neck or wrist? Are these to be made into keychains or bag tags? Are these for branding or promotional use? Knowing what these are to be used for will help you decide on the other factors needed for creating the best tags for your needs.