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What to Do When Your Scales and Dials Need Replacing

Scales and DialsMany industries use scales and dials on their many different kinds of equipment. These help measure pressure, temperature, moisture, and many more, depending on where these are used. While these are often found encased in glass, this does not remove the fact that these will fade over time. What should a company do when their equipment still works but the scales or the dials that are being used with these are becoming difficult to read? Why, they should change these, of course.

There are a number of companies that offer such replacements for dials as well as scales for these equipment. Some of them offer standard designs that can be used for just about anything. Other manufacturers however can customize these measuring tools for you according to your specifications, and here are some of the things you can customize when you have these scales and dials made to your needs:

Shape – it is the common misconception that scales as well as dials are round. Majority of them may be, since these are the kinds that you do see on control panels, gauges, and the like. These can actually be made in a wide variety of shapes, depending on what equipment these are to be used on. For instance, a scale that measures the depth of a certain tank may be made like a ruler instead of the standard circle in order for it to be read and interpreted easily. These can also be made in an arc-shape, in a donut shape, and even in a teardrop shape.

Size – these can also be made in various sizes, depending again on your need. Some of the sizes can be really small and others can be humongous. You will find that the sizes you can choose from can fit the smallest gauge to the biggest measuring tool you can find.

Colors – the colors that you use on these can also be customized according to your need. If you require numerous colors to help easily determine the levels you need to check, then you can ask your manufacturer to do this for you. You can have one color added, two colors, or even ten colors. You simply specify what colors you need to use, and these can be printed onto your scales and dials. You can also submit a design to the manufacturer and they can easily copy this to your scales or your dials.

Measurements – since these are tools for measuring, then you will need to put measurements on these. Whether these are for measuring temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit, to measure weights, pressure, distances, or what have you, you have to inform your manufacturer about this so that they can create accurate markings on your scales and your dials for this.