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Where Domed Labels Should Be Used

Domed LabelsDomed labels are, as the name describes, labels that have domed tops on them. These domes are made with the use of a clear polyurethane coating the top part of the label underneath, giving it the domed 3-dimensional look that many companies love. These domed labels are quite easy to make, however the people who make these types of tags need to be rather precise and careful since too much or too little of the clear polyurethane coating can bring about not-so-appealing results.

When these tags are made, these start with the label material that the client chooses. These can be made using any material that the manufacturer has, which includes aluminum foil, polyester, and Lexan, to name but a few. Metal tags can also be used when creating domed labels. The tags are printed, dried, then the domed top is applied. Since these polyurethane domes dry quickly, the proper amount of the material and the careful application of the same should be handled by those who are already adept at making these tags.

Once these tags are made, these can be used on a number of things. Due to the added durability that the polyurethane dome gives to the label, you can easily see these tags being used on items that are exposed to the changing weathers of the outdoors. The reason why these are often used outdoors is due to the “self-healing” feature of the polyurethane dome. When minor scratches or abrasions occur on the dome, these disappear over time, making the tag look just like the scratch never happened.

Products that have these tags on them, which are often used outdoors, include lawnmowers, helmets, farm equipment, generators, motorbikes, and ride-on toys for kids. Outdoor play sets like plastic swing sets and slides, may also carry these tags on them to show people what brand these items are. The toughness of these tags make them ideal for all of these, and many more.

Aside from outdoor uses, these tags can also be used indoors. You can find these being used on a lot of household appliances, like blenders, mixers, refrigerators, and even electronics like laptop computers. These are very attractive to look at and are very durable, hence their constant use on such items.

These domed labels can be used on just about anything since these are waterproof, UV resistant, scratch proof, and will stay on your products without falling off, as long as you choose the right adhesive for its usage.