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Why Choose Aluminum Foil Labels for Your Branding Needs

If you are choosing label types for your labeling and tagging needs, you will find yourself making a selection from a wide array of choices. Some labels are best used with certain products, like cloth labels are great for clothing, and metal tags are great for when you need highly resilient and heavy duty tags. One particular label that people find themselves gravitating towards is aluminum foil labels, and there are many reasons why.

For starters, aluminum is a rather abundant metal, which makes anything made out of it rather low cost. This essentially means that these labels are one of the cheapest you can find. This does not mean however that due to its low price, the quality of these labels will suffer. On the contrary, despite the low cost, these labels are some of the most attractive to look at due to their silvery sheen, and are also very durable since these are made out of metal.

Aluminum foil labels are considered one of the more cost-effective label choices around simply because of the fact that these are cheap yet durable and nice to look at. These are rather heat resistant, cold resistant, won’t tarnish, won’t rust (even if it is a metal), and is lightweight. And since aluminum is rather malleable, you can have use a wide variety of printing methods on these, with some giving you a 3-dimensional look that you won’t get from other kinds of labels.

Some of the marking methods you can use when creating aluminum foil labels include stamping, printing, and silk screening. Stamping will give you the kind of 3-dimensional look you want from a label, and can only be done with the use of materials like aluminum foil. Printing is often done with the help of computers and digital printers, and can give you colorful labels with a silvery background. Silk screening is somewhat similar to printing, but used a different technique for producing colorful designs on silvery sheets of aluminum.

Aside from these options, you also have the choice to further create eye-catching labels with these silvery tags by having these coated with a clear dome coating. This is when your aluminum foil labels become domed ones. Domed labels are highly attractive and are very attention grabbing, making them ideal for marketing and advertising needs. Aside from giving your labels that silvery, metallic look, making them into domed labels gives them the added oomph you need for maximum effectiveness.

Adding the domed urethane top on your aluminum foil labels will not only make these labels stand out in terms of appearance, but it will also give it an added layer of protection from scratches and other damaging elements. This domed layer will enable you to use these labels in places that you never thought possible with aluminum foil labels. You can use these for items that are exposed to dirt, dust, grime, inclement weather, and many more, and you can depend on these labels staying as good looking as they did when you first had them made.