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Why Destructible Vinyl Labels are Effective at Deterring Theft

Destructible Vinyl Labels Trying to stop theft in the workplace can be a rather tricky task, especially if you have numerous employees and numerous items that can be easily pilfered intentionally or unintentionally. For you to be able to prevent such things from happening, it is best if you have an inventory and tracking system that allows you and people in your employ to easily note whether an item is missing from your offices or not. This can be done with the help of destructible vinyl labels.

How can labels help your company stop the possibility of theft? These tags are made rather ingeniously with a simple feature that discourages would-be thieves from even trying to take office items home with them. This particular feature is its destructibility.

Destructible vinyl labels are made to fall apart when someone tries to remove these from whatever item it is attached to. What happens is, when someone attempts to remove this tag, instead of it coming off in one piece, it breaks into small pieces that you need to remove one by one. Picture a completed jigsaw puzzle that you are trying to lift in one move. When you try to lift it, you get only one or two pieces in your hand. That is how these stickers come apart when you try to remove it.

How does this stop people from stealing? One of the things that thieves are afraid of is discovery. Their main goal is for them to get away with taking something that is not theirs with them, without being found out by anyone. When you attach these stickers to your items, even if a person successfully removes most of the pieces from the item, there will still be bits left sticking to the item, making it obvious that a sticker was once in that area. This can alert whoever is inspecting employee items in the way out that what they are looking at is a pilfered object.

Another benefit of these stickers being difficult to remove in one instance is the fact that any attempt to remove these can be easily detected. Since most companies place asset tags in visible areas of their items, any crack at removing such stickers can be easily noticed. For instance, if someone is trying to remove one of these destructible vinyl labels from a laptop, with these tags placed in an area that is conspicuous, you will easily notice when parts of the asset tag has been removed. This can alert you way ahead of time that someone is trying to remove this tag, and may try to steal the item once the tag is completely removed.

In order for these stickers to do what they are supposed to, you will need an inventory and tracking program that effectively monitors where these items are. You will need to check your assets every few months (or even weeks) to ensure that not only are these safely within the walls of your office, but are also working as properly as they should. This will discourage any employee from even trying to take items out of the office that is not theirs, thereby keeping your assets intact and your employees clean of any wrongdoing.