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Why Lexan Labels are Very Durable

Lexan is a material that is used for the creation of very precise labels and tags, but this is not the only use that such a material has. Lexan labels are indeed very durable and hardy, making them great for use with equipment and other purposes that expose these tags to harsh conditions as well as substances. These tags are rather durable, being able to withstand exposure to acids, oils, and others.

What makes these tags durable? Why are these tags considered by many when they need tags that are resistant to such chemicals and substances, as well as changing weather, harsh conditions, and the like? What exactly is Lexan?

Lexan is actually a type of thermoplastic polycarbonate that is used for more than just labels and tags. This particular material is actually used for sports helmets, building glazing, and high performance windshields. These are also used for space helmets, the canopies of aircraft, and bullet resistant windows. This essentially demonstrates just how hardy and tough this particular material is.

What makes this particular material durable is its composition. This was invented in 1953, and it was found then that this particular polymer, when hardened, was virtually indestructible, and required great effort to break or destroy. This started as a gooey substance that would harden into any form that it is made to take – sheets, domes, etc. This substance is made with a combination of bisphenol A and phosgene, with the resulting polymer currently available in various grades.

Currently, SABIC Innovative Plastics manufactures Lexan, making it available to various industries and businesses in a variety of forms. These can come in sheets, and in shapes that companies order this in. With the durability of such a material, it is no wonder that this has seen itself used in various industries, in numerous forms, and for a wide variety of capacities.

The inherent qualities of this particular material include high impact resistance, abrasion resistance, superior fire performance, and resistance to weathering as well as chemicals. When in sheets, these can be used for the creation of products like Lexan labels, skiing goggles, bus shelters, signs, front panels of appliances, and a whole lot more. For more information on Lexan labels, and where these are ideally used, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.