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Why Products Need Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial PlateNot that many people understand why most products that are made of numerous components come with model and serial plates. There are actually many reasons why these plates exist. To help you understand the importance of these plates, here are some of the reasons why these are being used by many companies and businesses everywhere:

For tracking purposes – companies like to find out which of their items sold the most, where most of these were sold, and how many were sold. With the help of model and serial plates, they can easily keep track of every item that rolls off of their production line. These are attached to the items before these are shipped to different parts of the world, and before that happens, the numbers that are found on the back of these products are taken note of and recorded.

For troubleshooting needs – a lot of companies produce a wide variety of products, some with the same features but different shapes, sizes and colors, while others have different features and designs, but are used for the same purpose. Examples of such products include kitchen mixers, refrigerators, lawnmowers and even tractors. When something goes wrong with any of these items, customers usually call the hotline printed on these model and serial plates. They will then be asked by whoever answers their call for the model and serial number of the product. This is to enable them to quickly locate troubleshooting and repair notes from their end, which they can then share with the other person who is calling them for help. Without these model and serial number plates, finding information for troubleshooting products with, and for helping people on the line to try and fix their item, would take a very long time.

For warranty tracking – some companies offer lifetime warranties, others offer warranties of 5 to ten years, and still a few more offer limited warranties. Some of these companies also offer these different terms for specific items, and as such, keeping track of which item has which warranty can get crazy if they do not have a way to determine which item has what warranty. With these plates, you can easily determine which items carry limited warranties and which ones have lifetime warranties, and that can be done with the help of either the model number or the serial number.

Also, the serial number helps determine when the warranty on the item went active. When an item is being sold in a store, its warranty is still inactive. When it gets sold however, the warranty activates and starts to run its course, with the owner being able to use this when something goes wrong with what they purchased, as long as it is still within it warranty limits.

These are just some of the reasons why products carry model and serial plates. Some other reasons why these are on these items include the possibility of product recalls when some defects are found after these are already sold to consumers, and the need to find out whether or not there is a need to manufacture more of the product due to its popularity.