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Why You Should Consider Using Destructible Vinyl Labels for Inventory Purposes

Destructible Vinyl LabelsOne of the problems a lot of companies encounter when it comes to assets that they have is theft. Whether the thief is someone who works for them, or someone who simply happened to visit the company, these losses can still add up to a big sum if left unaddressed. This is where the use of destructible vinyl labels comes in.

In order for you to keep track of your company’s assets, you need to have an inventory system that helps you take note of how many of a particular item you have, when these were purchased, when these need to undergo maintenance, and so on. For such an inventory system to be effective, you will need inventory and asset tags for each item that your company owns. In order to help ensure that you not only keep track of what your company considers as its assets, but also prevent the theft of these, you should greatly consider having these asset tags made using destructible vinyl.

Why use destructible vinyl for these? For one, these labels can serve more than one purpose if such a material is used. Not only do you have a durable label for inventory and tracking purposes, but you also have a label that, if an attempt to remove is made, falls apart to show that an asset tag was there. This will help discourage anyone from trying to steal anything that has these on them since a security check will indicate that the item belongs to the company.

It is also prudent that you put in place a security system where everyone is checked for items that may not belong to them being brought out of the company’s premises. You should also try to hold people accountable for items that are assigned to them. For instance, if an item disappears and is registered to a particular person in your company, they should be made to replace or pay for this, regardless of whether or not they took it.

This kind of accountability will make people more vigilant and careful about the things the company assigns to them. If they notice the destructible vinyl labels on these items deteriorating or slowly being removed, they should report this immediately so that an investigation can be made. This can help prevent theft as well as the framing of individuals for their assigned items.

Also worth doing is periodic inventory checking, wherein items that the company owns and is being used by people, are checked to see if the asset tags are still intact. These checks will also help in seeing if things need to be replaced, repaired, or upgraded.