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Available Adhesives

Adhesives offer easy application and are very popular. Surfaces must be properly prepared and directions followed or proper bonding will not occur. Generally speaking, surfaces must be clean, smooth and at room temperature.

467MP.002 thickAdhesive Family No. 200MP

High performance adhesive has excellent peel strength on metal and high surface energy plates. Good long term aging up to 400˚F short term heat resistance with medium solvent resistance.

468MP .005 thickAdhesive Family No. 200MP

Thicker version of 467 for adhesion to textured surfaces.

583 .002 thick

Thermo-Bond adhesive. Heat or solvent activated dry film adhesive up to 350˚ F.

7966mws .009 thickAdhesive Family No. 200MP

Double coated white adhesive with excellent temperature, chemical and UV resistance. High shear strength. Designed to add opacity to light colored polycarbonate or polyester labels

9453 .0035 thickAdhesive Family No. 300LSE

High Strength modified acrylic adhesive. Designed to bond to low surface energy plastics and powder coated painted surfaces. Up to 300˚F short term heat resistance.

9469 .005 thickAdhesive Property No.100MP Very High Bond

Highest performance acrylic adhesive and excellent solventresistance. Low outgassing characteristics and exceptional shearstrength.

950 .005 thickAdhesive Property No. 300

High strength acrylic adhesive similar to 9453 only thicker for texturedsurfaces.

Foam .032 thick(white or black)

Adhesive designed for very rough surfaces. Cross-linked, closed cellpolyolefin foam with acrylic adhesive up to 175˚F short term heatresistance.