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Decorative Trim Plates and Product Creation Ideas

Did you know that you can use decorative trim plates for more than just decorating products that your company already has? These plates can be used for more than creating items for promotional giveaways and for corporate gift giving instances. In fact, if you have quite a creative streak, you can create unique items you can sell with these metal plates, and even create combination products that can be seen as sophisticated and sleek.

Decorative trim plates can be customized according to your specific requirements, which means you can choose what kind of metal you can use, what thickness these should be made in, how big these should be, and what marking method is utilized for these. You can combine these metals with a long list of ready-made (or custom made) items that you can then sell as your own products. To give you an idea as to what we mean, here are some concepts you may want to consider:

Ceramic and metal cookie jars – you can take an ordinary ceramic cookie jar and take it to the next level with an etched or engraved metal wrap-around. Simply measure the circumference of your cookie jars, and decide on whether you will have a wide or a thin metal plate going around it for decorative purposes. You can choose to have a thin band attached to the middle of this jar with the word “cookies” on it in a font that you like and with embellishments before and after this word. You can also choose to use a more decorative kind of metal for this, like brass or bronze, or a more cost-effective one like aluminum.

Metal and plastic bangles – you can create unique bangles with the use of etched, embossed, or engraved metal bands attached to plastic bangles that you can buy anywhere. Since plastic bangles are rather cheap, you can create better looking decorative arm pieces with the use of unique designs marked onto thin metal plates, which you can then attach with the use of adhesive onto these bangles.

Metal embellished picture frames – ordinary wooden frames can get a metallic upgrade with the use of embossed or etched metal strips. Create amazing looking frames that can be used in homes and offices with the use of metal plates that have decorative designs on them. You can attach these strips onto these picture frames with the use of adhesives, rivets, or other methods that make these look very decorative.

These are just a sprinkling of ideas that you can use to create products that you can customize with the use of decorative trim plates. The only limit you have is your imagination and what your chosen metal nameplate manufacturer can do.