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How Domed Labels are Crafted

Domed LabelsDomed labels are a type of tag or label that has, as the name implies, a dome on it. These domes are added to these labels to give it not only a protective coating, but to also give it a 3-dimensional look. These domes are made of a clear resin, which is what gives the tag or the label the protective coating as well as the 3-D appearance that it has.

So, how are these labels crafted? What is used to create these three-dimensional tags? Here is what happens in order for you to have the domed label that you will be using for your marketing, tagging, branding or labeling needs:

The first step involves the creation of the label that is to become the base of the domed label itself. This label can be made out of anything, from paper, to cardboard, to metal, to cloth – whatever your label or tag is made of. You simply need to choose the material that best suits the purpose of the 3-D label that you are creating.
The next step is to print the text, graphics, or what-have-you for these labels. These can be a brand, a mascot, a catch phrase, or anything that the company wants to make a label of. To make the label “pop” after the domed resin is added, it is a good idea to have colors and designs that are sharp and bright in order for these to easily catch the eye of your target market.
The printing methods you can choose from will depend on what material you are using for these domed tags. More often than not, the most popular printing method that companies choose for their tags is digital printing, with a few others choosing silk screening, and still a few more deciding on photosensitizing (this is ideal for anodized metals).
Once the printing is done, and these are dry, the tags are then cut into the actual shapes these are to be in. Oval tags are cut into their oval shapes, round tags into their round shapes, and so on. The excess material is removed and the edges are cleaned to give the tags a clean, polished look before the doming process is begun.
The doming process involves the application of liquid polyurethane over the entire label. This is done slowly in order to have the material form the dome that protects the label from damage plus gives it the 3-dimensional look it is supposed to give the tag. Once the doming process is done, these tags are then left to dry.