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Embossed Metal Plates: 3 Dimensional Options for Nameplates

Embossed Metal PlatesIf you are looking for a nameplate that stands out from the rest, then you should probably consider embossed metal plates. This is because these plates do have “stand-out” features that make them eye-catching and attractive to those who look at them. These plates have that 3-dimensional feel and look that make them both decorative and at the same time functional in terms of carrying important information on them.

Embossed plates are ideal for when you need very durable plates that have a 3-dimensional look. Not only does the marking method used in creating these plates help make these stand out, but this actually makes it more durable as well. The method used in creating these plates is called hot stamping, and what this does is create raised designs with the use of a male and female stamp pair. With the addition of heat when these stamps press the metal, the product that is made is smooth as well as very tough once the metal cools down.

If you do not want to use embossed metal plates for your tagging needs, or embossed plates are not exactly ideal for your requirements, there are a few other types of tags that also have a 3-dimensional look that you can use. One option you have when you need a tag that is 3-D is etched nameplates. Etching also produces raised and recessed parts on metal, giving it the look and feel you want when looking for a 3-D tag.
Domed LabelsAside from etching, engraving is also another marking method that produces 3-D plates that are eye-catching and nice to look at. You can choose this marking method for plates that need to have crisp, sharp lines in the markings, as opposed to the smooth and rather curved lines that come from embossing and even etching. This marking method can also create recessed prints on metal, instead of raised ones, if this is what you need.

If metal plates are not what you need or want, but you are still looking to have 3-dimensional tags for your tagging needs, you might want to consider having labels made then have these turned into domed labels. These labels, as the name implies, have clear domes on top of them, creating a somewhat raised appearance even when the label itself underneath is flat. This clear domed material on top of the label makes it appear 3-dimensional, giving you the eye-catching appeal of a 3D tag but without using metals for the creation of such a tag.