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Metal Material Specification

Artcraft Division stocks a variety of materials to suit many different identification needs.


The bulk of the metal nameplates manufactured today are made of 1100 or 3003 alloy aluminum. This material is light-weight and relatively inexpensive.

.002” Aluminum – (Stocked with an adhesive back.) This material is very soft and is excellent for use in a typewriter which allows the customer to add any last minute or variable information.

.012” Aluminum – This material is very flexible and is generally used asan insert to formed plastic parts.

.016” Aluminum – This material is thick enough to supply some structural stability, yet it is easy to work with for forming or embossing operations.
.020” Aluminum – The most popular of the aluminum series. This material combines good structural stability with economy.
.025” Aluminum – This material is preferable to .020” aluminum when nameplates require both serializing and adhesive backs.
.032” Aluminum – This material has considerable structural stability and is desirable for plates that require large amounts of information to be stamped into them, and especially those that require adhesive backs.
.050” Aluminum – It is generally used on very large nameplates such as control panels.
.064” Aluminum – It is generally used on very large nameplates such as control panels.
.125”Aluminum – This is our thickest in-stock material. It is generally used on heavyduty cases or as a commemorative plaque.


This material is probably the most corrosive resistant metal from which nameplates can be manufactured. All thicknesses stocked in 304 and 316 series.

.018” Stainless Steel – This material has the same advantages as .020” aluminum.
.024” Stainless Steel – Also available in extremely durable 316 series.
.030” Stainless Steel – Available in 316 series and 430 series (magnetic).This material is generally called for when the nameplate must withstand great extremes in abrasion and corrosive atmospheres.
.050” Stainless Steel – Also available in 316 series.
.062” Stainless Steel – This material is generally used for larger signage.
.125” Stainless Steel – Appropriate for large outdoor signage & decorative plaques.


These are the richest of all nameplate materials. Few metals can match their appearance and durability.

020” Brass – A beautiful material at an economical price.
.025” Brass – This material is frequently used for plaques. For thatreason we stock a particular type of leaded brass which allows easy engraving for personalization.

.032” Brass – Also available in a beautiful Bronze.

.064” Brass – Also available in .050” thick beautiful Bronze.

.125” Brass – Also available in a beautiful Bronze.


Acrylic is a plastic with a transparency rate of 93% that is used commonly in replace of glass. This type of material is used for its scratch resistant and lighter weight structure and can be cut into extremely small pieces using a laser.


Anodized aluminum is achieved through an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a corrosion-resistant finish. This finish creates a durable adhesion surface for coloring and sealing due to its porous structure.


Plastic is an excellent material that can be used both indoor and outdoor. Since this material is easy to manufacture, water-resistant, and versatile, it is a low cost yet durable solution for signs and plaques.