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Product Types

Custom Metal Name Plates
Name plates are created for numerous industries and applications. Although many name plates are used for industrial purposes, they can be manufactured for decorative and marketing purposes as well. Also, companies regularly request custom name plates for their schematics, instructional, warning, model, and serial number marking requirements.

Artcraft provides many custom name plate options for inventory, tracking and much more. Name plates are able to carry barcodes or UID/Data Matrix codes for inventorying, tracking and monitoring purposes. If specified, inventory tags can also include blank panels  that can be written or stamped upon.

Decorative and promotional name plates are able to be used according to your branding or marketing needs.  We produce decorative trim plates and promotional plates for your branding purposes. We also carry scales, dials and other customizable products similar to our custom name plates that are accurately and precisely designed to meet your specifications.

Processes and Purposes of Metal Name Plates
Our custom name plates are ideal for a wide variety of applications. The metals used in manufacturing our name plates are highly durable with their own unique material properties. Stainless steel, aluminum and brass are often selected for their superior properties in many applications. People often choose these metals because of their strength, resistance to chemicals, abrasion, UV rays and corrosion.

Along with our custom name plate options, we have a wide list of printing and marking processes from which you can choose. All of the marking procedures are ideal and meet specific applications. Photosensitive plates can provide you with detailed prints that will withstand in rough, outdoor conditions for many years. Also, embossing comes with its own unique, 3D aesthetic appeal.  Etching is another durable plate where a relief in the metal is created to ensure that the image is readable even if the ink has worn away.

All of our name plates can be custom created with different specifications in size, shape, thickness and color. Contact us if you have any questions or need help determining what specifications you need for your custom name plate and we will help you develop it accordingly.