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Custom Name Plates

Artcraft Division produces industry-leading custom name plates for many of America’s leading brands.

A metal name plate is an identification device that can communicate information, brand an object, , or track an asset. Artcraft manufactures custom name plates by imaging a plate of metal through printing, photo imaging, chemical etching, laser marking, embossing, engraving, or sublimation. Special shapes of custom name plates may be punched, laser cut or drilled and have adhesives on the back of the plates for affixing to assets. In order to meet durability specifications, many coatings are available including acrylic and epoxy overcoats that are very durable and provide a high-quality finished look. Additionally, protective plastic masks are applied to the custom name plates to prevent shipping and handling damage.

Artcraft’s custom name plates are typically manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass, bronze or zinc, depending upon customer specifications and requirements. We utilize a wide variety of process and materials to produce durable parts for name plates for many different industries, from medical, retail, construction equipment manufacturing, industrial appliance manufacturing, to safety and aviation.  Artcraft meets the unique requirements for custom name plates to meet our client’s needs.

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