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Custom Asset Tags

Custom asset tags are used to track and manage your company’s assets and keep you in compliance. These tags are essential for tracking maintenance, managing revisions and organizing equipment. Artcraft Division manufactures inventory and asset tags using a wide variety of materials and imaging options that can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Artcraft Division offers multiple options for asset tags with a wide range of custom features, including adding serialization and your company name to the tag. Materials, shape, design, and mounting methods are other features that are customizable. Mounting methods include numerous adhesive options, holes and slots for screws or rivets. Destructible vinyl is also used on asset tags to show evidence of tampering. In addition, barcodes may be added to your custom asset tags to allow for digital tracking, reduce entry errors and increase overall efficiency.

Using custom asset tags on pieces of commercialized equipment, both large and small, allows the asset to be easily identifiable and trackable. The tag contains information regarding the purchase date and allows employees to track where the asset should be located.

Asset tags are essential to digitally tracking equipment and inventory systems. Contact us at (816)-231-4000 and we will create custom asset tags that meet your specific requirements!