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Custom Embossed Metal Tags

Creating durability and quality aesthetic appeal are part of Artcraft Division’s standards when manufacturing custom embossed metal tags. Our metal tags create a bold and resilient statement for your brand and help you stand out from your competitors. Embossed metal includes custom 3-Dimensional designs, images, and text that can be seen and touched to meet your branding requirements. The raised characters maintain the depth of the design over time and prove the extreme durability by withstanding harsh elements such as chemicals and sandblasting.

Creating a functional custom embossed metal tag is achieved through using top-quality, durable materials such as bronze, brass, stainless steel and more. Depending on your requirements, metal tags can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes. Once manufactured, the tags are stamped using dies that adhere to the metal substrate to add design appeal. Part of what makes our stamping process unique is the use of heat while stamping. This creates a smooth finish on the metal tag that is not only practical but also creates aesthetic appeal. Color may also be added to your tag using paint or ink to match your brand.

Our embossing techniques create custom embossed metal tags that are extremely durable and functional. We take pride in meeting your specific requirements and strive to produce metal tags that will impress your customers and represent your brand.

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