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Custom Etched Nameplates

Artcraft Division uses innovative technology to create custom etched nameplates that meet our customer’s specifications. These etched metal plates incorporate unique designs and text to create a message about your company or product. These durable plates are chemical resistant, UV resistant, and are excellent for outdoor application due to the ability to withstand harsh climates.

Custom etched nameplates are used frequently by industries such as oil, transportation, manufacturing, and gas. The extreme durability is created through applying a mordant or acid that creates a recessed design in the metal. In addition, these nameplate designs range from .002 and .005 inches to ensure the design is visible from all angles and will remain legible for many years.

Artcraft Division focuses on complete customization, allowing our customers to create designs that are unique to their company and product. Etched nameplates are produced using varying stock metals that range from .018 to .125 inches in thickness. Fine details in our customer’s designs are achievable using our computerized etching technology.

Etched metal plates are proven to be durable in commercial applications and industrial settings. Our technology provides the ability to customize your desk nameplates, commemorative markers, emblems, badges and more. Contact us at 816-231-4000 to learn how we can create custom etched nameplates that represent your company and brand!

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