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Custom Warning Labels

Arctraft Division creates custom warning labels for manufacturers looking to reduce product liability and to instruct operators how to properly run the equipment. Compliant with The American National Safety Institute (ANSI), these warning labels improve safety in the workplace by reducing the possibility of injuries associated with hazardous equipment. Our ANSI compliant warning labels are customizable to meet the size and header requirements of our customers.

Warning labels include a header that describes the level of danger associated with using a piece of equipment. These headers include caution, warning, and danger. Caution headers tell of hazards that may cause minor injuries when care is not exercised. Warning headers alert users of hazards that can cause serious injuries but not necessarily death. Danger headers indicate the use of specific equipment may cause serious injuries or even death.

Custom warning labels are produced using intricate and powerful metal marking processes and can be made using a variety of materials. These labels should be easy to read and highly visible for equipment operators. Call us at 816-231-4000 to learn more about creating ANSI complaint custom warning labels!

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