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Employee Name Badges

Artcraft Division designs and manufactures unique and high-quality employee name badges because we understand the value of a first impression. Employee name badges create a more personal experience by delivering a brand impression while introducing a company representative. Client-facing businesses in industries such as retail, hospitality and banking are examples where name badges are used for branding, identification and security purposes.

With every order, Artcraft Division designs custom employee name badges to meet our customer’s specifications for name, title, company and photograph. Employee name badges are different for every company and vary in purpose. We customize your employee name badge using printing, laser marking, etching, sublimation or engraving to make your product stand apart.

Our commitment to meet customer requirements on branding and style drives our investment in innovative technology and equipment to accommodate a wide variety of specifications. We commonly manufacture badges made from acrylic and polyester, however metal and other unique materials are frequently used. Badges are designed to attach to clothing with a pin, bulldog clip, magnet or can be safely worn on lanyards or secured in plastic sleeves.

Contact us to discuss how we can meet your employee name badge specifications and we will deliver!