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UID Labels

Artcraft Division creates barcode and UID labels for many identification and tracking purposes. These barcoded metal nameplates are customizable based on material, size, and barcode format. UID labels are extremely durable and a cost-effective tracking solution for many applications. The thickness of the UID label can also be customized within .003” to .125”.

Barcode and UID labels include customizable features such as your company’s name, logo, or simply the code that you require for inventory tracking purposes. Artcraft Division provides the ability to add multiple codes on the label as well as the ability to add model and serial numbers. These labels include linear and 2D symbologies in machine and/or human readable formats. We also manufacture labels with both international and local codes. For your convenience, a list of barcode symbologies are listed below.

If you have any questions regarding UID labels, the codes, or other design concerns, contact us at 816-231-4000 and we will work to meet your specific requirements!