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Custom Metal Labels

Custom metal labels are used for a wide variety of industries and applications. Artcraft division specializes in printing labels for serial numbers, barcodes, warning signs, and more. For promotional purposes, labels can be made in the form of durable stickers for trade shows, parades, and special events.

Our labels are custom made to meet your specifications, giving you full control over the end product. Metal and alternative materials can be cut in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Our efficient digital printing methods allow for detailed designs and text. With decades of experience, we can create your labels using Vinyl, Lexan, Mylar, aluminum, stainless steel, and more.

A few of our labels include:

Custom Domed Labels
Custom domed labels are used to enhance your branding by creating a flexible and durable label that displays your company name or logo. A polyurethane resin creates the clear dome, adding a protective coating and making the image underneath appear 3-Dimensional.

Polycarbonate Labels (Lexan®)
Artcraft Division produces durable polycarbonate labels, also referred to as Lexan®. Due to the nature of the material, some Lexan® labels are ideal for outdoor use, are UV resistant, and can withstand abrasions and certain chemicals. These types of custom labels can be used in applications that require a chemical resistant tag, mechanical strength, or optical clarity.

Mylar® Labels
Artcraft Division creates durable Mylar® labels for indoor and outdoor use. These heavy-duty labels are the premier choice for multiple applications that require a chemical resistant and versatile label. The versatility of these labels makes them ideal for industrial or commercial use as asset tags, warning and instructional labels, or as branding tags.

Tamper Evident Labels
Artcraft creates tamper evident labels for theft protection purposes. These labels display important information that relate to the product or machine and make it extremely difficult to remove the label in one piece. Attempting to remove these labels as an unauthorized person will cause it to fall apart.

Custom Vinyl Labels
Custom vinyl labels are a cost-effective solution for printing labels when metal materials are not required. Artcraft specializes in printing custom vinyl labels with a laminate finish to ensure durability. The additional overlaminate creates a protective barrier and prevents the label from general wear and tear.