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Custom Domed Labels

Custom domed labels are used to enhance your branding by creating a flexible and durable label that displays your company name or logo. A polyurethane resin creates the clear dome, adding a protective coating and making the image underneath appear 3-Dimensional.

Custom domed labels are used for many applications including branding tags on machinery, equipment, kitchen appliances, and even sports accessories such as golf bags and helmets. These labels are also used for promotional purposes in trade shows and product launches. Domed labels are flexible and durable due to the polyurethane resin, making these labels compatible for indoor and outdoor use.

Artcraft Division manufactures custom domed labels using intricate machines to create a unique and customized design. The first step in doming is choosing from a wide variety of materials. Next, the design is printed and cured to ensure the label will remain durable over time. Lastly, the liquid polyurethane resin is applied to create the signature dome shape.

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