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Mylar® Labels

Artcraft Division creates durable Mylar® labels for indoor and outdoor use. These heavy-duty labels are the premier choice for multiple applications that require a chemical resistant and versatile label. The versatility of these labels make them ideal for industrial or commercial use, as asset tags, warning and instructional labels, or as branding tags.

Our innovative printing technology allows us to create designs that meet your specific requirements. Mylar® labels are chemical resistant, scratch-resistant, do not tear easily, and can withstand extremely harsh environments when laminated appropriately.

Artcraft Division crafts Mylar® labels using multiple imaging processes. These processes produce highly detailed text and graphics in large or small quantities. A laminate cover creates long-lasting prints that makes these labels extremely durable and resistant to sunlight, abrasions, and several chemicals. Contact us at 816-231-4000 and we will help you create your custom Mylar® labels.