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Polycarbonate Labels (Lexan®)

Artcraft Division produces durable polycarbonate labels, also referred to as Lexan®. Due to the nature of the material, some Lexan® labels are ideal for outdoor use, are UV resistant, and can withstand abrasions and certain chemicals. These types of labels can be used in applications that require a chemical resistant tag, mechanical strength, or optical clarity.

Polycarbonate labels (Lexan®) are available with temperature and flame-resistant options. One of the benefits of Lexan® is the ability to die cut special shapes as well as choose from a variety of surface finishes. Intricate technology allows customized design and choice of material thickness ranging from .005” to .040”. A label made of Lexan® can provide clear windows for L.E.D. readouts as well.

Contact us with your questions regarding durability and design, and we will be happy to help you create your polycarbonate labels.