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Tamper Evident Labels

Artcraft creates tamper evident labels for theft protection purposes. These labels display important information that relate to the product or machine and make it extremely difficult to remove the label in one piece. Attempting to remove these labels as an unauthorized person will cause it to fall apart. Tamper evident labels are used for items that require printing various types of information such as asset tags or other customizable tags.

These labels are also used to create security seals and items that require a label that cannot be easily removed. Tamper evident labels are known for their durability and can be attached to textured, curved, flat, and powder coated surfaces. Due to the destructible polyester material, these labels are also resistant to household strength cleaners, dirt, water, and oil.

Other uses include warranty seals, calibration seals, licensing tags, and safety warning labels. Artcraft also offers the option of choosing labels that can be written on with permanent marker instead of digitalized printing methods. Through decades of experience, Artcraft can create a completely customized tamper evident label for your business. Contact us today to receive a free quote!