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Scales and Dials: What Tools Use These?

Scales and DialsThere are many different kinds of tools used by various industries around the world, and some of these tools have scales and dials that help people get information they need. What kinds of tools need to have scales and dials on them? What tools and equipment are fitted with customized dials or scales and are used by numerous industries?

Many industries use a wide variety of tools for measuring a plethora of things, and each one requires a different kind of measuring tool. Here are some of the more commonly measured elements that require the use of a tool with a scale or a dial:

Weight – whether you are weighing a person or an item, weighing scales are commonly used everywhere. You can find these in hospitals, in homes, fitness centers, supermarkets, and everywhere else that requires the use of a tool that tells you how much something weighs. There are digital variants to these tools, however some companies and individuals choose to use the standard mediums for measuring weight, and that is with the use of a weighing tool that has a dial or an analog scale on it.

Pressure – this can be found in factories, processing plants, and other industrial sites. These can also be found in restaurants, automotive shops, and many more. Tools that measure the pressure of an item requires the use of a dial that tells you exactly how much psi there is. PSI (pounds per square inch) tells you how much pressure there is in an item, like in a tire or in a closed capsule. You can see dials and gauges used for measuring pressure used on boilers, tanks, pipelines, and many more. You can even find such scales being used to measure a person’s blood pressure (BP).

Speed – you see that dial in front of you when you drive a car? That is a speedometer, and it helps you measure the speed of your vehicle as you drive it. This same type of dial or scale can be found on many vehicles, from two wheelers, to three wheelers, to ten wheelers and onwards. The speedometer is connected to the vehicle’s drive shaft via a speedometer cable, and this is connected to a magnet which spins at the same rate and direction as the wheels and the drive shaft. Eddy currents cause the speed cup to turn as well, with a spring that limits movement of the shaft connected to the speedometer which is attached to the speed cup. In short, these connections show you via your speed meter how fast your vehicle is going.

These are just a few of the measurements and measuring tools that use scales and dials are used in. There are quite a few more that are commonly used everywhere, like temperature, humidity, voltage, and many more.