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The Benefits of Having Inventory and Asset Tags Crafted Using Destructible Vinyl

Destructible Vinyl Labels and Tamper Proof TagsCompanies that keep track of their assets often use inventory and asset tags to help them do so effectively. These tags can be made using a wide variety of materials, some of which include metals, paper tags, and polyester, to mention a few. While these can be used well enough for tagging and keeping track of items, these tags may not really be that helpful when it comes to theft prevention.

If you want your items to remain intact and within your company’s premises, you should find tags that can help deter theft and discourage people from trying to take office equipment home with them. You can choose to use metal tags that are attached to your assets via rivets for this, since rivets are rather difficult to remove from such items. This particular method however has its limitations since this can only be used on products that you can drill holes in for the attaching of such tags.

To help keep people from taking your company’s assets home with them, whether this is intentional or not, you need a tag that is difficult to remove and when an attempt to remove is made, will leave behind obvious signs that an asset tag was there before. Two options can be considered for this, one is the tamper evident kind of label, and the other is destructible vinyl.

These two tags work in a similar fashion, with each one leaving a telltale sign of having been on an item before and having been removed by someone unauthorized to remove them. Most companies who employ such tags often have chemical removers for these tags, which they use when they need to replace the old tags or when they sell off old company assets before replacing these with new ones. If these tags were removed by someone who is not authorized to do so, you will see traces of these on the items they used to be on.

The difference between these two is in the kind of signs they leave behind to indicate that a tag was tampered with on such items. Tamper evident tags can be removed in one piece but when a person does remove these, you will see remnants of the tag in the form of a film that has the word “VOID” on it still sticking to the area where the tag used to be.

For destructible vinyl tags, you will not be able to remove these in one whole piece. Instead, when a person tries to remove this, it will fall apart, and can only be removed on small piece at a time, kind-of like a jigsaw puzzle falling apart. This makes it difficult to remove and makes it not worth the hassle of removing, thereby deterring any idea of pilfering or theft.