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When and Where to Use Barcodes and UID Plates and Tags

Barcodes and UID PlatesBarcodes and UID plates are used on many things, but since these are usually made out of metal, these are often used on heavy equipment and machinery. There are some tags that do find themselves being used on smaller equipment, like kitchen appliances and computers. Where these tags end up is usually dependent on the company that uses them, and there are actually quite a lot of companies that use these for many different things.

For starters, these tags are used for inventory tracking purposes. You will find that when a company owns quite a few items that are being used by their employees, they will need to use a system that is easy for them to use in keeping track of everything. While standard inventory and asset tags can still be used here, more and more businesses find that having barcoded tags on their inventory and assets makes for easier tracking and inventory taking.

Where can you find these barcoded tags when it comes to the many different kinds of establishments that use them? Here are some examples:

Kitchens and Pantries – companies attach these barcoded tags to help keep track of the equipment used by employees in these areas. Coffee makers, water dispensers, toaster ovens, microwave ovens, and other similar appliances may not be easily taken from these places but these will need to be kept track of for other reasons. Some of these reasons include repair and maintenance needs, replacement requirements, and even cleaning needs. When you use barcoded tags on these, it will be easy to find out when these were obtained, when the last maintenance was made, and other similar concerns.

Offices and Places of Work – tags that carry barcodes on them are also used on office equipment. Computers, printers, fax machines, and many more carry these tags on them for the same reasons that most other equipment have these, and that is to help with inventory and tracking. These tags, when scanned, can tell when these items were purchased, who these are assigned to, when these needed repair or replacement parts, and what department these are supposed to belong to. These tags can also be used as theft deterrents, if these are made of destructible vinyl instead of metal or aluminum foil.

Production Floor – just like offices, the equipment used on the production floor need to be tagged for purposes of tracking. While most of the equipment used in factories are rather sizeable, and are difficult to steal or make off with, these still need to be tracked for maintenance and repair needs. You will find barcoded inventory and asset tags in metal attached to manufacturing equipment, to tools, and to other items that are used by manufacturing firms.